USA want to host tournament for teams not in the World Cup 1 year ago

USA want to host tournament for teams not in the World Cup

Too soon to be talking about this?

We've explored, once again, the idea of FIFA admitting a 33rd team into the World Cup but it's not going to happen.

Not everything is lost though. America are coming to the rescue.

Following the defeat of Italy at the hands of Sweden earlier this week - making it the first time since 1958 that Italy won't be a part of the World Cup - an idea gained traction on social media.

Essentially, the idea would involve an exhibition tournament of the teams that didn't qualify for the World Cup.

Now, according to USA Today, the United States Soccer Federation have confirmed that they are exploring the idea.

USA's hopes of taking part in next year's World Cup were dashed when they lost 2-1 to Trinidad & Tobago in October.

At the moment, it isn't clear if FIFA will allow the exhibition matches to take place along side the World Cup, which is set to take place from Thursday 14 June to Sunday 15 July 2018.

If it is to go ahead, the USA, Italy and Republic Of Ireland would be potentially joined by the likes of Chile, Ghana, Wales and the Netherlands.

If they were also to include teams such as China and India, the exhibition tournament could potentially be viewed by more people than the World Cup itself. Except it wouldn't mean anything so probably not.