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26th Jan 2019

Paul Pogba comes in for more bizarre criticism after United win over Arsenal

Kyle Picknell

Pogba Francis

Yes Trevor you’re spot on, it’s difficult to imagine Paul Pogba winning anything other than all the trophies he has already won

Trevor Francis, England’s first million-pound player and a European Cup winner with Nottingham Forest, has become the latest ex-pro to voice their bizarre opinion on Paul Pogba.

In this instance, Francis is choosing to ignore Pogba’s well-stocked personal trophy and recent history, stating that he’s not a player with whom Manchester United will win trophies.

Pogba, by the way, is still only 25 and has a World Cup, four Serie A titles and two Coppa Italias to his name. And that’s not to mention the two trophies he literally has already won with United, the Europa League and the League Cup.

After United’s 3-1 win over Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on Friday, Francis said: “Pogba, for me, will never ever give you the opportunity of winning trophies or championships because I think he’s a luxury player.”

“He’s not a Mourinho player.”

Well, that much is clear. He definitely isn’t a Mourinho player. But then again, who is? Paulo Ferreira and Michael Essien?

To state that one of the best midfielders in the world won’t give you the opportunity to win trophies is absurd. To state it after Pogba is so obviously flourishing again under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and after the summer he has just had with France, where his performances and individual leadership were crucial to them lifting the World Cup for only the second time, is just flat out wrong.

Still, you know what they say. You should never let facts get in the way of a good opinion.

But at least Francis will have had one person agree with him. You can imagine Graeme Souness was sat at home, nodding his head furiously along to it, too.

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