Trent Alexander-Arnold on which Liverpool teammate is most impressive in the gym 1 year ago

Trent Alexander-Arnold on which Liverpool teammate is most impressive in the gym

"He's an absolute animal in the gym!"

England possess an embarrassment of riches at right-back, but Trent Alexander-Arnold is arguably the cream of the crop. He sat down with our Alex Roberts for a chat about fitness, diets and hitting the gym.


The Liverpool academy product enjoys a reputation as one of the most promising full-backs in world football, netting four goals and 13 assists last term as Jurgen Klopp's men marauded their way to the league title.

A lot of the 22-year-old's success can be explained by his approach to training and nutrition, in addition to the long hours spent out on the pitch perfecting his craft.


Trent recently sat down to answer some of our diet and fitness questions through his sponsor, Kinetica Sports.

SportsJOE: What does your daily diet look like?

Trent: For breakfast I tend to have an omelette for a protein hit in the morning which I usually accompany with toast or fruit.

For lunch I like to have chicken and rice which is quite simple but helps you refuel your body after a busy morning with additional protein. Alternatively, I'll have pasta for sustained energy and to make sure I'm having variation each day.


For dinner I have a variety of different meals usually including a portion of meat or fish to make sure I am getting the right nutrients. Again, sometimes I will have pasta dependent on my lunch.

When I'm on the go, I'll have a Kinetica High Protein Milkshake.

Which Liverpool player is the most impressive in the gym - and why?

Mo Salah is an absolute animal in the gym! I really admire him for dedication to the sport and his passion for what he does as part of the Liverpool team. I think he's a great role model for younger players and we are always impressed by his skills and mindset.

Earlier this month, Trent Alexander-Arnold was praised by Brazil legend Cafu for his performances. (Photo: Getty)

Who lifts the most weight in the gym?

While lifting heavy weights isn't usually part of our training regime, I have to say I think Virgil van Dijk lifts the heaviest weights in the gym – I'm always impressed by his dedication to staying strong and fit.

What is one fact about you that people probably don't know?

People don't know this, but I really don’t like ketchup or mayo - they're just not for me!


Which athletes outside of football do you look up to and why?

Outside of football, I really admire Michael Jordan. He has shown undeniable passion and determination throughout his basketball career and I've looked up to him since I was young, especially when starting out in my football career. His achievements are something any sportsman would dream of!