"Suarez was a racist little shit and I hope no Liverpool fan idolises him ever again" 5 months ago

"Suarez was a racist little shit and I hope no Liverpool fan idolises him ever again"

The worrying thing is that there were so many kids at Anfield who wore with pride the infamous text at the back of the Liverpool jersey: Suarez 7.

The man lit the place up, he burned a fire in the hearts of the supporters and he inspired younger players to want to grow up kicking ball into net as relentlessly as he did.

But Luis Suarez was a polarising figure not just in the Premier League but in Liverpool too.

Whilst Kenny Dalglish might well have launched himself and his squad head-first to the defence of his striker at the time of his racial abuse charge for an incident with Patrice Evra in 2011, there was of that other-worldly stadium in the heart of Merseyside that couldn't overlook some of the actions of the Uruguayan.

He's bitten opponents, on several occasions. He was banned for that verbal exchange with Evra. And he was always a master of the proverbial dark arts - the diving, the cheeky physical nicks, the winding up of everyone and everything around him.

Tony Evans is one of the most experienced and most prolific journalists in Liverpool and he was always consistent in calling out Suarez for his behaviour.

After a typical showing from him in the second leg against Liverpool, Evans took the opportunity on Tuesday night's The Football Spin show to utterly condemn Suarez and anyone who ever turned a blind eye to him.

In a truly compelling piece of analysis, Evans labelled the Barcelona player a "racist little shit" and spoke strongly and importantly on the idea that a young kid would ever look up to him.

Listen to his full, no-holds-barred rant from 26:28 below:

With Dion Fanning and Conán Doherty in studio, The Football Spin (subscribe here) marvelled over one of the greatest ever nights at Anfield and one of the most amazing nights for European football as Jurgen Klopp masterminded a 4-0 win over Barcelona and they did it without Firmino or Salah and with Andy Robertson off at half time.

But it was Evans' commentary that stood apart.

On a night of celebration for Liverpool and for football, it was important to highlight the threat to everything good about Liverpool and everything good about football.

"I've long been critical of him and of the Liverpool supporters who've continued to idolise him. The fact is he brought the club into disrepute," Evans said.

"He cost them at least £20m when he bit Chiellini and he couldn't wait to get out of there fast enough. 

"What I'll say to Suarez is 'take that'.

"I'm glad he's out of the club and I hope we never see him again. Go back to Spain, you disgusting little person.

"And hopefully no Liverpool fan will ever, ever idolise him again because he wasn't worth it then and he isn't worth it now.

"You can check your decency and your dignity in at the turnstile if you like but those of us who know knew that Suarez was a racist little shit and he remains that. I hope he never wins another game in his life."