Roy Keane makes Jamie Carragher remark as fans break into Old Trafford 2 years ago

Roy Keane makes Jamie Carragher remark as fans break into Old Trafford

"Enough is enough."

Roy Keane was not the only member of the Sky Sports panel, at Old Trafford, to back the anti-Glazer protests that delayed kick-off between Manchester United and Liverpool.


Just over 200 Manchester United supporters broke into Old Trafford, just after 2pm, and stormed the pitch, stands and corporate boxes at the ground.

The protest was against the Glazers family, who own the club, and United's leading role in the plot for 15 top European sides to breakaway and former The Super League.

Fans were in the ground for about an hour and only exited when police arrived on the scene.


On their way out of the ground, several fans halted to speak with Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher, who were on punditry duty for Sky.

"This is the consequence of the owners and of Manchester United's actions, two or three weeks ago," said Neville.

"The Glazer family [and other owners] were conniving and scheming, behind people's backs, to take away the crown jewels [and join The Super League]."

Carragher believes the fans were 'unhappy with their owners, how they've been treated and the money that has been taken out of the club'.


"I'm not going to stand here and have a go at the United supporters, as long as it's peaceful... The owners only have themselves to blame."

Up in the Sky Sports gantry, presenter Dave Jones confirmed that the protest had been largely peaceful and that only a couple of objects had been thrown by those protesting. Sitting nearby, Roy Keane could not resist having a jab at former Liverpool defender Carragher. He remarked:

"It was a peaceful protest. A couple of bottles and flares were thrown but, I think, they were at Jamie, to be fair!"


The former United and Ireland captain said he "100%" saw where the United fans were coming from as they felt the Super League plans proved 'enough was enough'.