Romelu Lukaku leaps to the defence of Jose Mourinho amid criticism 4 years ago

Romelu Lukaku leaps to the defence of Jose Mourinho amid criticism

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has defended his manager Jose Mourinho amid strong criticism for how he has handled his side's pre-season tour of the United States.

United picked up just one win from five pre-season matches last month and Mourinho was criticised for how he handled Anthony Martial's departure from the squad as well as his comments that he would not go to 'pay to see this Manchester United team play'.


The Portuguese is entering his third season in charge of United and Lukaku, who he signed for £75 million last season, revealed that he's a different character inside the team's dressing room.

"People need to understand that we play this game not to lose it. We play this game to win," the striker told Business Insider.

"When you lose, you get angry. When he is upset, he's the type of person that you can really see it.

"But that should be embraced because he is a manger and a coach that wants to win.

"If you can't deal with that, don't ask him questions because he shouldn't hide his personality to give a good public image.”

The Belgian forward added that he's a family guy around the club and that the two share a good relationship together.

"It is nice to play for him. I get to see a total different image of him where he's really cool," Lukaku added.

"We make jokes. He sends me good advice, or funny videos, some stuff like that. So he's really a family guy. That's how I know him.”