Rio Ferdinand reveals who was Alex Ferguson's "teacher's pet" 3 years ago

Rio Ferdinand reveals who was Alex Ferguson's "teacher's pet"

Every manager has their favourites, even Alex Ferguson.

The former Manchester United manager ruled with an iron fist, and regularly deployed his infamous hairdryer when he felt players failed to meet a certain standard.

However, there were some players who received somewhat special treatment from Ferguson. Eric Cantona was one.

"Eric got away with murder – he never got the hairdryer," Ryan Giggs said.

"We'd go to a black-tie do, my tie wouldn't be straight or Nicky Butt's top button undone and he'd (Ferguson) rip into us.

"The next minute Eric would walk in with a white linen suit and red trainers and Sir Alex would turn to us and say, 'Look at that – that's style!'

"Me and Nicky would be going to each other, 'For f***'s sake!"

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of Cantona's successors as United's number seven, also escaped Fergie's hairdryer. And Rio Ferdinand has revealed another favourite of the manager during his time at Old Trafford.

Ferdinand was asked who was Ferguson's "teacher's pet" and apparently it was Darren Fletcher.

According to the former England defender, Fletcher never once received the infamous hairdryer treatment from Fergie.

"Darren Fletcher was Sir Alex Ferguson's pet," Ferdinand said on BT Sports' show Premier League Tonight.

"He was around the house for Sunday lunch. I never saw it, but that's the rumours. Fletch never got a bollocking ever."

Ferdinand also said Fletcher knew of his special status with Ferguson, and that he and his former United teammates have a WhatsApp group.

Brazilian midfielder Anderson is a regular contributor to the group, despite not being able to speak English.