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14th Jan 2015

Remember Germany’s disastrous World Cup free-kick? Well it worked… in training

SportsJOE used to be great in training too...

Patrick McCarry

We’ve all been there – rattling in free-kicks and penalties in training only to embarrass yourself and future generations ad infinitum

Go to 30 seconds in, in the video above, and you will get to see the greatest World Cup free-kick that never was. Germany invoked guffaws worldwide when their elaborate free-kick routine, which involved Thomas Muller falling over in his run-up, failed abysmally against Algeria in their second-round clash.

The trick-play was supposed to end with Muller regaining his footing, running past the Algerian wall and volleying home a lofted pass from the free-taker.

Footage has appeared from a German training session, in Brazil, of the routine working. It is part of the FIFA documentary, Die Mannschaft, and somewhat vindicates Thomas and the lads.

This is the version that ended up on World Cup 2014 blooper reels (alongside just about everything Hulk and a 12% fit Diego Costa did).

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