Real Madrid defend Rafael Nadal following "unacceptable" attacks 7 years ago

Real Madrid defend Rafael Nadal following "unacceptable" attacks

Real Madrid have announced they are fully supporting Rafael Nadal following doping accusations from France.

Doping being is a hot topic in the tennis world at the moment and Nadal is one of the more recent high profile players to be accused of the banned practice. Former French Minister for Health and Sport Roselyne Bachelot told French TV earlier this week that Nadal's seven-month injury hiatus in 2012 was ''probably due to a positive doping test.''


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Nadal's a fervent supporter and honorary member of Real Madrid CF and the La Liga behemoths have issued a statement declaring their support for the 14-time Grand Slam winner amid the allegations. The club praised the tennis player for his work rate and talent and have called the doping claims "unjustifiable" and "unacceptable".

Check out the statement in full below.

Real Madrid C.F. would like to express their full support to our honorary member, Rafa Nadal, undoubtedly one of the greatest sportsmen of all time in Spain and in the world.

Rafa Nadal represents the fundamental values of sport. His greatness and his incredible achievements have always been based upon a foundation of exemplary conduct, unwavering work, talent and astonishing levels of commitment.

This being the case, our institution considers the attacks made on his person by former minister Roselyne Bachelot to be unjustifiable and unacceptable. 

Real Madrid C.F. consider the close ties to an idol such as Nadal to be an honour, such is his status as a symbol sporting excellence. Nadal is admired and adored by millions of fans the world over, and today our club is standing firmly by his side.