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24th Nov 2014

Rayo Vallecano promise to offer financial help to evicted elderly supporter

We're big fans of Vallecano in the SportsJOE offices after this gesture

Darragh Murphy

Rayo Vallecano have come to the rescue of an 85-year-old woman who was evicted from the home she lived in for 50 years.

Carmen Martinez Ayuso’s apartment was taken away from her after her son took out a €40,000 loan which he was unable to repay and used his mother’s home as collateral damage.

Rayo Vallecano coach Paco Jemez spoke to the media about Ayuso’s predicament and revealed the stunning generosity that his club were prepared to offer the elderly woman.

He said: “The worst thing that can happen to a family is when they evict you from your home.

“This is a lady who lived in her home for 50 years and due to her doing an honorable act — being the guarantor of her son, which everyone in the world would undoubtedly do.”

He continued: “Within our ability, we will help this lady and give her a hand so that she finds a place to live with dignity and so she doesn’t feel alone.

“I’m very proud we can lend her a hand. I’d like to help more people, but that’s impossible.

“What is within our power, we will do. Also, we will start an initiative so that anyone who wants to help will have the ability to lend a hand. We are very sensitive to this and what happened to her could happen to anyone.”

Rayo is far from a superpower in terms of football finances. The Madrid club survives on a budget of around €7million which makes the promise of help all the more admirable.

Speaking to popular Spanish newspaper Marca, Ayuso expressed her gratitude to the club for its “beautiful gesture.”

She said: “A thousand times thank you, God bless them. It’s a beautiful gesture that they didn’t need to do and Viva el Rayo!

“If I see [Paco Jemez] I’ll give him 40 kisses. But the only time I’ve seen him was during the neighborhood fairs.

“We always supported Rayo in this family. I remember when we used to go to the swimming pools, which were right next to the stadium. But now we have different motivations to support them.

“I’m certain my husband is showing his gratitude in heaven.”


Hat-tip to CNN.

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