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08th Nov 2018

Raheem Sterling apologises after farcical penalty decision

Michael Corry


Raheem Sterling has apologised after his clumsy fall against Shakhtar Donetsk won a penalty for Manchester City in last night’s 6-0 win at the Etihad Stadium.

The Premier League champions led by a goal when the England international raced into the box only to stub his toe and fall over, completely duping the referee who awarded a penalty.

It was a farcical decision stemming from a comical moment in the game, and whilst it ultimately had no bearing on the final result, Shakhtar Donetsk still have every right to feel aggrieved.

┬á“As I’ve said, I’ve gone through on goal, mistimed the kick and yeah, it was a calamity.” Sterling told Virgin Media Sport.

“So, Sorry on my behalf.

“Sorry to the ref, I didn’t try to con him, I just made a mistake and kicked the floor.”┬á

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola admitted in his post match press conference that they knew immediately that the wrong call had been made.

“We realised immediately it was not a penalty”.

Guardiola was pressed on whether it was Sterling’s responsibility to inform the referee that the wrong decision had been made. The City manager highlighted that these things happen in games and that they have been on the wrong end of similar calls in the past, most notably against Liverpool in last season’s Champions League quarter final.

“He could do that, yeah. But last season, Liverpool – Milner could say the pass for the second goal in the 44th minute, it was a legal goal.” Guardiola told reporters.

“He could do that, but of course Mateu Lahoz didn’t want to concede that goal, so that’s why it happened.

“You could do that. We don’t like really to score a goal in that situation.”

The former Barcelona manager said that the decision could have been changed had VAR been in operation.

“VAR is what it is.

“The referees, I said a long time ago, must be helped. They want to make a good performance, they don’t want to make mistakes, but today the game is quick and fast and the players are more skilled.

“They must be helped because in the end it takes three, four, 10 seconds for someone to say it is no penalty. It is what it is.”

A farcical and comical decision.


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