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14th May 2017

Rafa Benitez goes above and beyond the call of duty at Liverpool fundraiser


Ben Kiely

There’s no way of knowing for sure who the soundest man on the planet is, but it’s probably Rafa Benitez.

The former Liverpool boss attended the Run for 96 event in Stanley Park on Sunday to support the runners who took part in the race to raise money for the LFC Foundation and Everton in the Community.

He may be managing Championship winners Newcastle United, but the time Rafa spent at the helm of Liverpool from 2004-2010 means the fans still hold him very dearly.

It’s not difficult to understand why. Apart from being the man in charge of the club for that unforgettable Champions League triumph in 2005, he also does things like meet and greet those who took part in the Run for 96 race after they had crossed the finish line.

Benitez was happy to spend an extended period waiting on the sidelines, posing for photographs and talking to fans, not moving until everyone was happy and got what they wanted.

What a class act.