QUIZ: Can you spell these footballers' names correctly? 1 year ago

QUIZ: Can you spell these footballers' names correctly?

How's your spelling then?

It's the international break. Maybe you're taking a complete football detox and spending some quality time with your loved ones. Maybe you're doing some research on the brightest talent from around the continent by watching Germany vs Romania. Maybe you're watching Squid Game in your pants. All are equally valid.


But regardless of which camp of football fan you fit into, a problem all of us face is spelling players' names correctly. The game's globalisation has exposed us all to names and phrases from languages across the globe, but that doesn't stop people spelling Dele Alli's name as if he runs a sandwich shop.

This quiz is very simple: We give you a hint to tell you who the player is without stating their surname. Hopefully, if your knowledge is strong enough, you'll know who we mean immediately.

Then, you attempt to spell the players' name correctly. You've got a five minute time limit, so you should be able to tick every player off after a few attempts, but there are a couple of particularly tricky ones in there, so don't get too confident.

And with that, away you go.