Phil Jones has gone full Aaron Ramsey with his new hairstyle 7 years ago

Phil Jones has gone full Aaron Ramsey with his new hairstyle

We'd say this is a sign of Phil Jones experiencing a mid-career crisis, but peroxide blonde hairstyles seem to be back in fashion amongst footballers.

Back in the mid-1990s, players such as Paul Gascoigne, Neil Lennon Robbie Fowler and, most infamously, the Romanian national team dyed their hair blonde.
Bleach blonde RomaniansThe trend appears to have, for some reason, resurfaced recently, with Manchester City's Samir Nasri dying his do a few months ago, and Aaron Ramsey cracking out the peroxide earlier this week.


The Wales midfielder clearly felt that Euro 2016, the biggest few weeks of his professional career, was the ideal time to sport such a ridiculous hairstyle.

Jones won't be at Euro 2016, but has seemingly been inspired by Ramsey. The man who Alex Ferguson tipped to be potentially the greatest Manchester United player ever struggled with injuries throughout last season, and missed out on England's squad, despite Roy Hodgson bringing only three central defenders to France.

He doesn't appear to be taking the omission well. Let's hope Phil's awful effort puts an end to this worrying trend.



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