Peter Crouch has the best response ever to this Fifa 17 tweet aimed at him 7 years ago

Peter Crouch has the best response ever to this Fifa 17 tweet aimed at him

When the chips are down, it's always good to keep your chin up and stay positive.

Whatever life throws at you, take it with good humour and don't let the bastards get you down.


Peter Crouch is a case in point. The giant striker has found his options at Stoke City even more limited since the arrival of Wilfried Bony.

The 6ft 7in forward has had to sit and watch from the bench as the Staffordshire side dragged themselves off the bottom of the Premier League table following a dismal start to the season.

The 35-year-old has only had one start so far this term and was on the subs bench again as Mark Hughes side made it four games unbeaten with a 2-0 away win over Hull.

It must be frustrating for the former Liverpool and England man to have to watch from the sidelines.


But he seems to be taking it with good humour....well, gallows humour.

A guy called Jordan Diamond tweeted the lanky striker just to let him know that he was 'ruining his life' on the new Fifa game.

But Crouch's response was pure genius.

Call it dark humour, call it a dig at Mark Hughes, call it whatever you want, but it was an inspired reply...



He deserves a game, just for that.

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