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23rd Sep 2023

Peter Crouch’s explanation for TV blunder on TNT Sport is just gold

Lee Costello

Peter Crouch

“He’s hit the deck, but if you actually look closely at this replay…”

Peter Crouch has given an explanation for his blunder on TNT Sport last week when he hilariously slipped while partaking in a crossbar challenge with Joe Cole.

The two ex England stars were doing punditry on the early kick-off game between Liverpool and Wolves but during a segment where the two were doing the crossbar challenge, Crouch fell flat on his face and the clip inevitably went viral.

“Why do they make me do these things?” asked Crouch.

“This is why they make me do these things. I’m going to be a meme forever now. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

Of course the former Liverpool striker took it in good spirits, and the internet did it’s thing making thousands of memes of the slip and putting Crouch in all sorts of compromising positions.

Working again tonight to cover the late kick-off between Burnley and Man United, the 6’7 goal scorer took the opportunity to review the slip and gave a rather interesting take on the situation.

“Crouch has gone for it, and he’s hit the deck, but if you actually look closely at this replay, you can actually see Joe stick out a leg.”

At this point the replay shows that Cole is of course nowhere near Crouch, but the Englishman continues his commentating without a hint of irony.

That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

“Joe sticks out a leg, obviously I go over it, and it’s probably a penalty and a red card. So very unfortunate for Crouch there, and Joe is very fortunate to get away with it.”

There you have it, you can blame Cole for Crouch’s unfortunate ‘meme’ moment but unfortunately for the ex Tottenham man, that clip is only going to keep resurfacing online forever.

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