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30th Sep 2023

Peter Crouch and Joe Cole choose the best jersey they ever wore in their playing days

Lee Costello

Peter Crouch

“I looked a million dollars there.”

Peter Crouch and Joe Cole choose the best jersey that they ever wore during their playing careers, and they have had a few to choose from.

Crouch in particular has played for so many clubs including Aston Villa, Portsmouth, Southampton, Norwich, Liverpool, Tottenham, Stoke and Burnley, so he isn’t short for options.

Cole is best known for breaking onto the West Ham team and captaining them when he was in his early 20s, before moving to Chelsea and winning lots of trophies.

After that he went to Liverpool, Lille, Aston Villa and West Ham again, so he too had quite a selection to choose from.

Speaking on TNT Sports during the build up of the early kick-off between Aston Villa and Brighton, the two pundits picked out their all-time favourites.

Peter Crouch

“Mine was my kit in France with Lilles”, said Cole.

“It was just like tailored, it had three colours, blue, white and red, I just loved it. It felt good.

“I don’t know if it was because I was in France, so I was thinking of the chic, the fashion – I loved that kit.”

Peter Crouch

Next up was Crouch, who chose a real secret gem from the past that most people probably forgot about.

“There was a black kit when I was at Portsmouth, I think it was made by Canterbury, so because it was a rugby make, it actually fit me.

“It was a nice kit, I looked a million dollars there. That one was my favourite.”

Everyone has that one jersey they loved, and with all the controversy surrounding Aston Villa and their current sweat-soaked kit, they probably aren’t going to be in the running for anyone.

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