Pep Guardiola says it’s 'not a problem' if Man City are relegated from the Premier League 7 months ago

Pep Guardiola says it’s 'not a problem' if Man City are relegated from the Premier League

Guardiola slammed the recent charges.

Pep Guardiola has said it won't be a problem if Manchester City are relegated from the Premier League.


Guardiola faced the media for the first time on Friday since the bombshell news that City were to be charged by the Premier League for over 100 financial breaches.

The outcome of what will happen has yet to be decided, but punishment could result in a points deduction or even relegation from the top flight.

Despite the uncertainty, Guardiola is adamant that the club are innocent but if they are guilty, the idea of dropping down the leagues doesn't phase him.


"Time will dictate what will happen and just in case we are not innocent we will accept the charges and what the Premier League will decide," he said.

"But what happens if in the same situation as UEFA happened we are innocent? What happened to restore or payback our damage? Because the damage is now.

"[With UEFA] nine teams were out of the Champions League because they wanted this position. They wanted to take our position out of the Champions League. This situation has absolutely zero difference to the UEFA moment.


"It's the same articles, accusations. You have to go to League One, no not enough... maybe the conference.

"We have been in lower divisions. If we go back there not a problem for us and we will be back, I'm pretty sure, if we go there. But they should wait because in the end it is decided what happens and they didn't wait in the UEFA situation."

Despite the ongoing speculation about his future, Guardiola also reaffirmed his commitment to the club and said that he would not be leaving.

"I am not moving from this seat. I can assure you, he said. "More than ever."


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