Cyrus Christie reveals the racist messages that were directed at him 4 years ago

Cyrus Christie reveals the racist messages that were directed at him

Republic of Ireland defender Cyrus Christie has revealed some of the racist messages that were directed at him via social media recently.

Ireland forward James McClean said at a PFAI Awards show last year that Christie had shown his international teammates some examples of the racist messages that he had received on his phone following Ireland's 5-1 FIFA World Cup play-off loss to Denmark in November.


Christie said at the time that he was more hurt by the loss than what was said to him on social media but he still took to Twitter this week to share some of the racist messages that had been directed at him.


McClean said that the comments after the Denmark loss had really upset Christie and that the player was reduced to tears.


“We spoke afterwards and it really got to a few players,” said McClean in an interview at the PFAI Awards.

“Everybody watched the game and it was poor, we know that. But some of the comments afterwards, which my Instagram post was about, went beyond football. One player in particular was told to go and play for Jamaica. Make of that what you want.

“It really upset him. My comments weren’t based on football, they were more personal. That’s for a player who has been a good servant to his country and it cut deep. That player was in tears, by the way. You’ve just missed out on the World Cup and then to have that.”

Christie said before Ireland's friendly with Turkey last month that he's suffered worse abuse than what he received after the Denmark loss but that he was determined not to be hurt by racist comments.


"I've had worse in my time, I've had 10 times worse. It's one of those, it still happens in this day and age.

"Whether or not stuff gets done about it, whether or not it changes, who knows? It was one of those, I take it and move on.

"The police were on, but whether something will get done or not, I don't know. That's just the way it is.

"A lot of the time when stuff like this happens, nothing really gets done. A lot of these people are hiding behind different profiles.

"I've had a lot worse growing up, when I was in school, so for me it was water off a duck's back. I've moved on. I was more disappointed with the result than anything.


"If that's what they want to resort to, they can, it's sticks and stones at the end of the day. I'm not going to be too hurt by it."