Mathieu Valbuena reveals the truth surrounding the Karim Benezema blackmail allegations 6 years ago

Mathieu Valbuena reveals the truth surrounding the Karim Benezema blackmail allegations

Karim Benezema's ears must be burning this morning.

The Real Madrid striker has tried to keep a low profile over allegations that he tried to blackmail his France teammate Mattieu Valbuena over an alleged sex tape.


The Lyon player has also kept his counsel on the entire sordid affair until this morning when he's given the striker an absolute pasting in an interview with Le Monde.

French website OL News  has translated the interview and have conveniently tweeted the best parts to explain the whole affair.

Valbuena first explains the background to the sextape becoming public.


He then explains how Djibril Cisse got involved in the entire mess.


The midfielder then claims he is not even sure if there is a video at all.


The France international then revealed how he first was contacted by the alleged blackmailers.
He received a phonecall in June asking him to meet an unknown man in Dubai but the player informed the police straight away.

The plot then gets thicker than a big bowl of custard as Valbuena reveals he was told by police that it was expected someone within the France squad would try to speak to him about the alleged blackmail.


val 1

Valbuena then realises that Benezema is involved in the plot.

val 2

The midfielder then goes on to detail various discussions between the two players and how disappointed he was about Benezema's alleged involvement.

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The last word on the matter is how would the two payers react if they were once again to be international teammates.

Valbuena shows reamarkable maturity to admit that he could play with the striker again, but with reservations.