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25th Jul 2023

Marcus Rashord has absolutely no doubt who the best player in the Premier League is

Lee Costello

Marcus Rashford

It wasn’t one of his teammates anyway.

Marcus Rashford didn’t have any doubt in his mind about who the best player in the Premier League currently is, and surprisingly it wasn’t Erling Haaland.

The Man City striker had a record breaking season and led the scoring charts in just about every way that you can, while spearheading his club’s charge to the treble.

However, according to Rashford, the best player in the league is a City player, but someone who is known more for creating goals than scoring them – although he isn’t bad at that either.

Speaking to Gary Neville on the latest episode of the Overlap, the man United striker reveals that the best player is Kevin de Bruyne.

“Best player in the Premier League right now? Last season it was definitely Haaland but I think over the last four or five years, De Bruyne 100%.”

The praise for Man City players didn’t stop there, as he was also asked who was the toughest opponent he ever came across, and it was none other than his England teammate, Kyle Walker.

“His physical capabilities are just unbelievable. It’s always going to be a tough day [against him],” Rashford said.

“You have to try and catch him off guard or get him in the wrong positions, but even then, he can recover. It’s always a difficult game against him.

“I just try and drift into places where he can’t drift, or where he has to pass me on into. And when he does pass me on, I just pull back a little bit, away from the defensive midfielder or wherever it is.”

It’s hard to argue with the logic, but the likes of Mohammad Salah and Harry Kane will no doubt feel a little aggrieved.

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