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20th Aug 2015

Madrid-based conspiracy theory suspected as reason for Gerard Pique’s red card

And the government are controlling our minds

Ben Kiely

Tin foil hats at the ready.

Gerard Pique was handed a four-match ban after allegedly verbally abusing a linesman with a vile insult in the Spanish Super Cup.

The defender was shown a straight red card during the game against Athletic Bilbao for supposedly shouting ‘Me cago en tu puta madre’ (‘I defecate on your whore mother’) at the official.

Pique was said to have roared the insult at the linesman after he failed to call a clear offside during the 1-1 draw. However, the defender has since denied using the abusive language and the video evidence has proved inconclusive.

Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo have published an article referring to the lack of evidence against the Barca player asking ‘Which came first – the red card or the insult?’

Francesc Perearnau, the journalist who wrote the piece, made the bold claim that Pique’s sending off was a form of payback from the powers that be for his behaviour in the European Super Cup.

Pique said ‘Fuck Madrid’ during those trophy celebrations.

Hat-tip to 101 Great Goals