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14th Aug 2017

Five seconds that perfectly sum up dark sides of Luis Suarez and Sergio Ramos

Game's gone to hell

Ben Kiely

Real Madrid defeated Barcelona 3-1 in Sunday’s El Clasico, but as is often the case in these matches, the football was overshadowed by the controversy.

For one thing, Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off and then he made it worse.

He received his first yellow card for removing his shirt to celebrate firing Los Blancos 2-1 up in the closing stages. The second booking came for an alleged dive in the box just a couple of minutes later, meaning he will definitely miss the return leg of the Spanish Super Cup.

The Portuguese talisman made the situation infinitely worse by pushing the referee when the red card was shown, which will more than likely result in further punishment.

Barca’s goal came from a Lionel Messi penalty that was *ahem* creatively won by Luis Suarez off goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

Even if Suarez collided with Navas, the contact was minimal. If he was hit at all, he certainly wasn’t hit with enough force to warrant rolling around the ground as if he had been shot in the leg by a sniper in the crowd.

That being said, Suarez’s exaggerated reaction didn’t justify Ramos aggressively lifting the Uruguayan sharpshooter off the ground and flipping him over.

If an alien beamed his way into your gaff and demanded an explanation for sportsmanship in exchange for avoiding the dreaded anal probe, you could just show the fella that clip and tell ’em, ‘You see this? Yeah, sportsmanship’s the exact opposite’.

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