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19th Feb 2015

Luis Figo’s big plan for FIFA involves running two World Cups at the same time

What's better than one World Cup?

Sean Nolan

The Portuguese star launched his campaign today and he has some interesting ideas for the biggest show in football

While the likes of David Ginola fell by the wayside, Luis Figo has made it far enough to actually launch a campaign for the Fifa presidency. Sepp Blatter will be hard to beat, for any number of reasons, but Figo’s plan, revealed today, certainly has some interesting proposals.

Figo wants to expand the World Cup (a handy vote getter among smaller nations) and he proposes either having a 40-team tournament or two, simultaneous 24-team events on two continents, with a knockout phase then being held in a single country. This would mean lots of extra football with 48 teams effectively qualifying, plus two host countries at least.

In another move likely to be very popular among the electorate, Figo wants to take $1billion from Fifa’s $1.5billion of cash and distribute it to the 209 national federations.

Figo also wants to bring in sin bins, expand the use of video replays and he also made a commitment to bring back the old offside rule ‘where a player is judged offside whether directly involved in the play or not’.

You have our vote Luis, even though we don’t actually have a vote.

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