Liverpool loanee Harry Wilson scores another brilliant free-kick 6 months ago

Liverpool loanee Harry Wilson scores another brilliant free-kick

Liverpool loanee Harry Wilson can certainly strike a dead ball.

The 21-year-old has smashed in free-kicks against both Manchester United in the League Cup and the Republic of Ireland in the Uefa Nations League earlier this season and he added another to his collection against Sheffield United on St. Stephen's Day.

Wilson smashed a left footed rocket inside the far post and into the back of the net leaving Sheffield goalkeeper Dean Henderson at a standstill.

Wilson said that he practices a lot of his free-kicks after training and watches some of the best specialists in the world and the techniques that they employ.

"I practice them a lot after training, putting them in different positions," Wilson told the BBC in October.

"It's important to have a couple in case the free-kick is a bit further out or closer in. I try to vary the technique.

"You see players like Bale and (Cristiano) Ronaldo who try to get that movement, and then other players like (David) Beckham when he was playing have got that whip.

"I think it's important to use the technique which you feel is most suited."

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said that he would like Wilson to stay at Derby for the rest of the season but will be open to bringing him back into the Premier League leaders' squad if an opening arises.

"I’m really happy about what Harry is doing. It’s fantastic. It’s a perfect example for it sometimes being really good to leave home to show up somewhere else,” Klopp said earlier this month.

“I really think Harry left in the right moment. Since I was in everybody told me Harry Wilson needed to go on loan. He scored a lot of goals for the U23s already.

“He went last year to Hull, he was already good. He came back, pre-season was pre-season, and he went to Derby and now he is with Frank [Lampard]. It’s really nice the job Frank is doing there, it is outstanding. England has a lot of good young managers, that’s cool.

“Our situation is like this; if you would have asked me two weeks before if we’ll do anything in the transfer market, I would have said, ‘Probably not.’

“Now we have two centre-halves left. Will we do something? It’s not really likely because they [Gomez and Matip] are not out for a long time. But we have to judge it anew.

“And that’s exactly the same with Harry. If something happens in an offensive wing position, why should I say today, ‘100 per cent we will not do it’?

“That’s the only thing Derby had to accept in the moment they signed the contract. They have to wait until the last second and we can decide.

“But we don’t want to take him away. Only if we really need him would we trigger that option. Otherwise, he’s there in a fantastic team.

“I like watching them. How they played against United [in the Carabao Cup] was a role model game and it was not because United were weak – it was because Derby were outstanding. So, all good.”