Legendary England left back Stuart Pearce has come out of retirement to sign for Longford 7 years ago

Legendary England left back Stuart Pearce has come out of retirement to sign for Longford

Alas, it is not that Longford.

As much as we would like to see 'Psycho' lining out at City Calling Stadium, it is a different Longford. A really bad Longford.


It's true. Stuart Pearce has indeed signed a deal with Longford, but he won't be causing Tony Cousins any selection headaches because it's Longford AFC, not Longford Town, that he has joined.

Longford AFC are considered by many to be the worst football club in the UK, having lost each of their 18 games this season with a goal difference of -178 (GF 1/GA 179).

Stuart Pearce Comes Out Of Retirement To Play For Non-League Longford AFC

Pearce has signed with the Gloucestershire outfit in a bid to turn their season around which is probably the most daunting task of the 53-year-old's career.


"I started out in non-league football playing for Wealdstone before joining Coventry City," he said.

"So I'm looking forward to working with manager Nick Dawe, and helping a group of talented young footballers achieve their dreams and, hopefully transforming both the dressing room confidence, as well as the on-the-pitch performance, and seeing how far they can go up the league."

Stuart Pearce is unveiled by Longford AFC manager Nick Dawe after Direct Line stepped in to help fix the fortunes of the team dubbed the worst football club in England, as part of the insurerÕs #DirectFix campaign on January 28, 2016 in Gloucester, England. (Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images for Direct Line)

And despite being a footballing legend, Pearce will still have to play his club fees just like everyone else as Longford manager Nick Dawe has insisted that there will be no special treatment.


According to Dawe, the Pearce signing will give Longford, who are at the very bottom of the Gloucestershire Northern Senior League Division Two "the best chance possible to go further than we ever have done before"

"A year ago we were playing in front of one man and his dog and now we are set to [attract] hundreds for Stuart Pearce's debut," he added.

"Stuart knows that there will be no special treatment, he will still need to pay his £5 a game subs."