Kyle Lafferty issues apology after being hit with huge ban over use of sectarian language 1 year ago

Kyle Lafferty issues apology after being hit with huge ban over use of sectarian language

"I was completely out of order."

Northern Ireland star Kyle Rafferty has been hit with a huge ban after a video emerged of the striker using sectarian language.


The Scottish FA has given the Kilmarnock forward a 10-match ban, meaning that he won't be available for selection until January 2023.

The club have accepted this ban, but as fate would have it, the 35-year-old's first game back from his suspension will be against Celtic in the Scottish Cup.

Kyle Lafferty ban  The former Rangers and Hearts player has obviously had history with this club, but in regards to the sectarian language he recently used, Lafferty has issued an apology. 

"I want to deeply apologise to the club, supporters and my family for the distress caused over the past month. I totally acknowledge that my reaction to the incident was completely out of order.

"There is no excuse, it's something that I immediately regretted and have been embarrassed about ever since. I absolutely accept that I should not have responded to provocation in that manner.

Kyle Lafferty ban  

"I placed myself in a position that has been very difficult to deal with, so I'm now determined to work with (Scotland's leading anti-sectarian charity) Nil By Mouth to ensure that others, particularly the youngsters at the club, learn from my mistake and avoid putting themselves in any type of similar situation in the future."

Kilmarnock have also slapped Lafferty with a 'substantial fine' following their own investigation into the incident.


In a statement the club confirmed they are continuing to work with Scotland's leading anti-sectarian charity, Nil By Mouth, who is currently working with Lafferty.

The charity is also delivering education and training to other members of the club's first team and academy squads.

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