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03rd Nov 2015

OPINION: John Terry should have a cut off Robbie Savage’s punditry, not his football career

Savage attack

Mikey Stafford

Chelsea may be enduring the season from hell, but you don’t get to John Terry’s stature in life without a little backbone, a little pride, some self-respect.

Therefore he today took a stand against the biggest injustice facing the Blues this season.

Media criticism.

But Terry was more specific. His gripe is with former players.

Well, one former player in particular.

Robbie Savage.

Fair enough, so.

Terry’s poor performance in the 3-1 defeat to Liverpool on Saturday was critically analysed on Monday Night Football by Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher and his old team-mate Frank Lampard.

However speaking today ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League match with Dynamo Kiev, the centre-half insisted he had no issue with respected ex-pros having their say. Where he draws the line is spoofers like Savage.

9 Mar 2002: Robbie Savage of Leicester jumps foe the ball with Scott Parker of Chatlton during the match between Leicester City and Charlton Athletic in the FA Barclaycard Premiership at Filbert Street, Leicester. Mandatory Credit: Ben Radford/Getty Images

“We are where we are. I have come under criticism from players I have looked up to and take it on the chin,” Terry said.

“Rio, Gary Neville etc. When certain other people speak, maybe I don’t listen from players who have played at a really bad level, who haven’t had a career.

“Robbie Savage being one. He has dug me out a couple of times. I take it from the very best, other people no.”

Now, Robbie Savage earned 39 caps for Wales across an 18-year career that began with Manchester United, peaked under Martin O’Neill at Leicester City before eventually drifting into the Championship with Derby County.

He may never have had the opportunity to hold court in a Champions League press conference but he was a successful, trophy-winning (League Cup) professional in the incredibly competitive environment of English top flight football.

He did not play at a really bad level. However he does analyse matches at a really, really bad level.

So maybe Terry should have a pop off him for being bad at his current, part-time job, rather than denigrating what was a decent career.

It is not like he is short of material.

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