ITV run Ireland's Call subtitles during Amhrán na bhFiann 1 week ago

ITV run Ireland's Call subtitles during Amhrán na bhFiann

Wild Mountain Thyme was more accurate than this.

It's been a tough week. American actors watching leprechaun YouTube videos to brush up on their Irish accents. Game of Thrones throws being worn on the farm and more cultural appropriation than you can shake a hurl at whilst hanging out on your basket canoe thing.

Then England start hammering Ireland.

Stephen Kenny's side showed some nice glimpses at Wembley but a corner and a bit of effortless Jadon Sancho skill had them 2-0 up at the break as the hosts purred.

Of course, it's important to remember that if you count the legal goals, Ireland easily win. If you count the illegal goals, they can try to steal the game from us.

Jack Grealish made his second start for England as he lined out against his former underage national team with Declan Rice beginning the game on the bench.

If Ireland couldn't win the match, they could have a bit of fun at least before the actual football started.

But if we thought that the pre-match was going to be all ours, ITV cut in and stole it.

During the national anthem, Wembley Stadium respectfully observed Amhrán na bhFiann without a single boo or roar of disscontempt in the place.

Then, the ITV footage emerged. It was Amhrán na bhFiann alright. The empty stadium was still quiet alright.

The subtitles though? Ireland's Call. Phil Coulter translating Amhrán na bhFiann.

I'm going for a lie down.