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01st Jun 2024

Scotland Vs Israel qualifier delayed for half an hour after pro-Palestine protest

Ronan Calvert

Scotland Israel

Scotland went on to put four past Israel in a 4-1 win.

Last night’s Women’s Euro 2025 qualifier between Scotland and Israel was delayed for over thirty minutes.

That was after a man made his way onto the pitch and chained himself to a goalpost in protest against Israel’s ongoing war with Palestine.

The protester wore a ‘Red Card For Israel’ shirt in an act of solitary with Palestine, days after more than 53 Palestinian people were killed in the space of 24 hours by a strike on Rafah.

More people were killed as the week progressed, prompting the UN to warn of a potential famine in the enclave.

The man chained his neck to the post which caused complications for the Scottish Police at Hampden Park, but he was eventually marched away at 7.20pm.

The Scottish FA decided the game should be played behind closed doors to prevent such disruptions and “maintain public safety”.

They succeeded on the safety front, but there were more peaceful protests outside the ground, with charities like ‘Scottish Friends of Palestine’ calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Before the match kicked off, the Israel team made a statement of their own by holding up a picture of Israeli hostage Naama Levy.

She was taken hostage by Hamas on October 7.

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