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08th Mar 2023

Ian Wright: Bruno Fernandes’ antics were ‘laughable’ against Liverpool

Robert Redmond

Ian Wright Bruno Fernandes

“I can’t, honestly, that is laughable.”

Ian Wright has described Bruno Fernandes performance in Manchester United‘s 7-0 defeat to Liverpool as ‘laughable.’

The Portuguese midfielder, the Red Devils captain on the day, has been heavily criticised for his antics in the humiliating defeat.

No Man United player performed well in the game. Fernandes, however, was particularly poor and appeared to lose all composure as he argued with the referee throughout.

Bruno also berated his teammates and did not track back to the level one would expect from a senior player in such a big game.

Ian Wright Bruno Fernandes

Ian Wright analyses Bruno Fernandes’ performance against Liverpool.

On punditry duty, Michael Owen and Ian Wright were heavily critical of Fernandes.

The pair showed footage from a camera angle used for tactical analysis to highlight Fernandes’ shortcomings in the game.

The footage captured the worst aspects of Fernandes’ game – from arguing with teammates and the referee, demanding decisions go in his favour to not tracking back. He also displayed a lack of discipline and composure.

“This is the thing, Michael, you don’t get them (referee decisions in your favour),” Wright said about Bruno appeared to sulk after not getting a penalty in the second half.

“Sometimes you know you’re going to Anfield and you think you’re gonna get stuff. You don’t get it.”

They then showed Fernandes remained next to Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker after the referee refused to award him a penalty. Meanwhile, Liverpool broke up the other end of the pitch and Bruno was 60 yards behind the play.

“But if you look at his reaction now, he’s having a word with Alisson, he’s arguing with him,” Wright said.

“Look at him. Look at the ball where the ball is.”

“I’m thinking, ‘Get yourself back in over’,” Wright continued.

“Because he is coming over here to speak to (Marcus) Rashford to have some form of whinge. That is whinging. Rashford is telling him to get on with the game.

“This is the captain! This is the guy who’s meant to be leading by example, and you look at how he’s acting.

The pair then highlighted Trent Alexander-Arnold running forward without being tracked by Bruno, who was playing on the left wing for Man United.

Fernandes, in the clip, remains high up the pitch and seemingly oblivious to the presence of Alexander-Arnold on the edge of the Red Devils’ penalty area.

Yet, when the play stops after the referee whistles for a free-kick, the United captain sprints towards the official.

Ian Wright: Bruno Fernandes’ Anfield antics were ‘laughable.

“I can’t, honestly, that is laughable,” Wright said.

Owen asked Wright how would he react if, when he was a player, a teammate behaved as Bruno did.

“That wouldn’t happen,” the Arsenal legend said.

“I don’t think we would have a player like that in our dressing room.

“Because it’s not good to have that type of guy in there because he’s constantly moaning, he’s not working. That wouldn’t happen. It wouldn’t happen.

“I’m not one of those players who want to talk about back in our day,” Wright continued.

“That wouldn’t happen in our day… Simply because a player like that wouldn’t get to our levels where he is with all that kind of histrionics in one of the biggest games in English football. It is there for everyone to see. He’s totally out of order!”

“You can get away with it against certain terms,” Owen said about Bruno.

“But you cannot go to Anfield (and behave as he did).”

You can watch their analysis by clicking here.

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