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04th Feb 2017

There was a hugely controversial goal in the Irish Cup on Saturday

How the hell did the referee miss that?

Darragh Murphy

Glenavon’s bid to retain the Irish Cup remains alive but their Sixth Round clash with Armagh City was not without controversy on Saturday.

Glenavon left Holm Park with a 2-0 win and a safe passage to the quarter-final of the Irish Cup but the opening goal of the game will have left a sour taste in Armagh City supporters’ mouths.

The potential for an upset was dealt a blow when Armagh goalkeeper John Connolly prepared to kick the ball out of his hands and back into play.

But before he got the chance to belt the ball up the pitch, a clear nudge from Glenavon defender Rhys Marshall knocked the ball to the floor and teammate James Gray profited.

In spite of the Armagh protestations, the goal was allowed to stand and fans of the underdogs were left to bemoan the standard of refereeing that they’re accustomed to seeing week in, week out.

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