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05th Feb 2017

Hartlepool United brilliantly shut down sexist fan with a single tweet

Having absolutely none of it

Rich Cooper

Despite many great strides forward in recent years, shades of football’s darker times can still be found in the game.

The profession has made consistent efforts to make football more inclusive and welcoming, but sadly there are still some who believe that it’s a man’s game.

There’s no place for it in the game, but sexist attitudes are still held by a minority of supporters, no doubt clinging on to “the good old days” when men were men, women were women, and that was that.

On Saturday evening League 2 side Hartlepool United got an unpleasant message via Twitter in which they were asked to ban women from the player’s lounge – how very 2017 of them.

This is the message Hartlepool received.

Get your flares out, folks, because we’re back in the ’70s again. Obviously this is absolutely unacceptable, but it would have been easy enough to ignore the message. Instead, the person in charge of Hartlepool’s Twitter account decided to call them out on their views.

The club replied…

Bravo, Hartlepool. They couldn’t have said it better, although one guy came close.

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