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27th Mar 2019

Harry Kane plans to finish career as NFL kicker

Tottenham and England striker Harry Kane has revealed that he wants to play in the NFL after he has finished playing football

Reuben Pinder

He has been a fan of NFL for a long time.

Harry Kane has expressed a desire to play in the NFL after his footballing career in Europe. The Tottenham striker has long been a fan of the American sport, citing New England Patriots quarter-back Tom Brady as one of his idols, connecting with his uphill battle to reach the pinnacle of the sport, despite physical shortcomings.

His dogs are even named after Brady and Russell Wilson.

In an interview with ESPN, Kane has now confirmed he wants to become a kicker in the NFL one day.

“[The desire to play in the NFL] is real,” said the 25-year-old.

“Something that in 10 or 12 years I definitely want to try.”

If there’s one thing Kane is good at, it’s kicking a football. Especially from 12 yards, the Spurs forward has become a penalty expert and a lethal finisher. In theory, there’s no reason why he couldn’t transfer those skills across to American football.

Kane denied any financial motivation behind this wish, explaining that it stems back to his competitive nature.

“It goes back to that drive to be the best,” he said. “Even if I download a game on my phone, can I be the best in the world? If you play in the Premier League and the World Cup and you then play in the NFL, would you then be considered one of the greatest sportsmen ever?”

Kane also hailed Brady and discussed how his rise to the top inspired him to keep fighting to overcome obstacles in his footballing career.

“Not many people thought he’d become that good, or even play in the NFL, and he went on to become the best ever,” said Kane.

“At the time, it gave me a real boost to say, look, anything is possible. If you have that self-belief and that drive and that hunger, you can do it.”