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19th Nov 2014

Good guy Neil Lennon meets 9-year-old fan who applied to take over his job

Sign him up!

Ben Kiely

Nine-year-old Thomas Fielding was so unhappy with the fitness of his beloved Bolton Wanderers side that he wrote a letter offering his services as manager. His reward was a meeting with current Bolton boss Neil Lennon.

This young man took the initiative to write a strongly worded letter (well as strongly worded as a nine-year old can possibly write) to Bolton Wanderers chairman Phil Gartside.

In the letter Fielding voiced his concerns over the fitness of the Bolton players and contested that they were simply “not quick enough” for the modern game. He also complained that the players did not find space when in possession and just stood about. A legitimate concern.

Fielding closed the letter by asking the board to seriously consider his application for the job as he can see these flaws in the team that Lennon cannot. He added that although his Grandad helped him with the grammar, it was entirely written by him.

Lennon was so impressed with the boy’s enthusiasm for the club that he organised a meeting with him and presented him with a signed jersey. Either that or he was genuinely worried that the young man was gunning for his job and the jersey was some sort of way of paying him off. Either way, it was good form from the ex-Celtic man.

Hat-tip to Sean McNeilly