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21st Dec 2014

Vine: Geordie hero Steven Taylor in scary collision with post

Local boy puts body on the line in Tyne-Wear derby

Conan Doherty

If you don’t like watching men clatter their heads off posts, look away now.

Steven Taylor summed up what the Tyne-Wear derby means to the people of the north-east of England when he took one for the team – a massive one – and just got up and got the hell on with it.

The Newcastle defender wears his heart on his sleeve and he showed real bravery against Sunderland – and great defending – to put his head in the way of this one before he came stumbling in off the post in a nasty, nasty collision.

The Englishman waved away the stretcher, got up to his knees, got to his feet, ran off for treatment, got stitched up, and ran back onto the field to roaring applause.  Let’s get on with it.

Yes, Steven Taylor is our kind of a man.  He’s the sort of boy we’ll be talking about in 10 years’ time reminiscing of the days when men were men.

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