The Football Spin: Stories of the pure obsession of Rafa Benitez 4 years ago

The Football Spin: Stories of the pure obsession of Rafa Benitez

Another important weekend for Rafa Benitez.

Or is it? Rafa Benitez's Newcastle United have a home tie against Watford in the FA Cup and they may be one club who would cherish a victory in the competition.


But is it in Newcastle's best interests to do well. Conventional wisdom says they would be better off fighting their relegation battle, but is it the kind of club that would benefit from success in the FA Cup?

And why can't Rafa Benitez catch a break? Having found a club where he is loved, he has to find a way to work with Mike Ashley. How much longer will that go on?

On The Football Spin, Paddy McKenna and Dion Fanning are joined by football writer Tony Evans to discuss Benitez's obsessive style and whether there could be another way of managing Mike Ashley


Why does this keep happening to Benitez and is there something in his managerial style that attracts difficulties. Tony recalls that obsession with a couple of stories about Rafa's ways which give a great insight into his methods.

How will Newcastle do if Benitez does leave and why do supporters tend to appreciate and love his work more than some of those in other positions at a club?

Tony also discusses his recent article on Brexit and football and why the forgotten football towns of England are still driving the phenomenon.

Tony also remembers the sportswriting great Hugh McIlvanney, who died on Thursday. McIlvanney wrote with style, humanity and courage and Dion reflects on his passing and explains why he was one of the titans of journalism.


There is also talk of Chelsea, Eden Hazard and Maurizio Sarri and whether a Carabao Cup final really makes a difference and the latest on Troy Parrott.

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