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04th Aug 2015

Ex-NFL star Chad Ochocinco drives to fan’s house to play Fifa 15, loses

How odd

Ben Kiely

When Chad Johnson wants a game of Fifa 15, he gets it.

The six-time NFL pro-bowler had a hankering for some pixelated football fun on Monday. It was an itch he just needed to have scratched.

The former NFL wide receiver, now playing for the Montreal Alouettes in the CFL, sent out a challenge to his legions of Twitter followers.

Unsurprisingly, people were very keen on the idea of schooling a guy who played in a Super Bowl at video games. Johnson found his challenger, ordered a car and made tracks.

So how did Ochocinco do? Well, according to the man himself, it was a mixed result. Johnson claims they were tied at one game apiece after two rounds. Although he vowed that he would return to fight another day.

Hat-tip to Reddit