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18th Aug 2016

Diehard Football Manager fans will be able to get 20 per cent off FM 2017

Someone tell Ivica Strok...

Carl Anka

Football Manager is, and always will be, a problem.

What should be no more complex than a glorified spreadsheet has somehow evolved into one of the most addictive games of all time.

Football Manager dominates players’ lives. You go from having a “just one more match” twinge, to having an IRL notebook full of transfer targets, contract details and tactics to try out. What should be a simple football game, ends up turning people into diehard fans, giving passionate changing room speeches to laptops and dressing up in a suit and tie for cup finals.

Once Football Manager gets its claws in you, it doesn’t let up. So much so that apparently the game has been cited in over 35 divorce cases.


Long term Football Manager fans could do with a break… which is why the folk at Sports Interactive are offering a few perks to their most diehard fans.

This year, FM players will be able to get a 5% discount for Football Manager 2017 for every previous copy of the game.

Own more than one year of FM? Get an extra 5% discount.

Working off the PC games library of Steam, gamers will be able to earn up to 20% off Football Manager 2017, providing they’ve had every previous version of the game since FM 2013.

According to the official Football Manager blog, as well as the discount, fans who pre-purchase from Steam will also be rewarded with a range of free downloadable content for Football Manager Touch including some nifty new challenges.

A pre-purchase will also allow gamers to access to a fully-playable Beta version of the game, so you can play FM 2017 two weeks early.

The offer will run until October 14.

Just when you thought you were out… THEY PULL YOU BACK IN.

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