FIFA 19 throw Paul Scholes into the mix of the Gerrard-Lampard debate 5 years ago

FIFA 19 throw Paul Scholes into the mix of the Gerrard-Lampard debate

Just when you thought FIFA 19 was done with reigniting debate

It wasn't very long ago that EA Sports, the makers of the soon to be released FIFA 19, released their ratings for two of the newly-featured legends in their upcoming game: Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard.


The two midfielders, who were both rivals and international teammates during their careers, have been compared for what feels like the entirety of time. When the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs struck the earth, the majority of those prehistoric beasts were arguing over exactly which of Gerrard or Lampard should have attacked for England and which should have been given the responsibility of sitting back.

They learned their lesson, and they shan't do it again.

We are not so smart however, and so we love to torture ourselves with meaningless comparison, and apparently so do the good people at EA Sports.

Ahead of the game's release on September 28, they have released details of yet another legend who will be appearing in FIFA 19 and that legend is none other than Paul Scholes.


Not only have they added Mr. Scholes to the game, but they have given him a rating which will undoubtedly cause consternation and debate among supporters of various football teams.

The highest rating out of Scholes' three Icon cards is 91. The same rating as Gerrard's highest and one above Lampard's highest.


So there we go, that should be enough to get people furiously arguing with each other for the next three weeks. When they're finished, the game should be available.