Danny Mills forgets he's on air as he calls Man Utd 's***' on Sky Sports 2 years ago

Danny Mills forgets he's on air as he calls Man Utd 's***' on Sky Sports

Say it how it is Danny

We've all had a moment where we forget where we are, and Danny Mills was no different on Sky Sports as he called Manchester United "shit," not realising he was still live on air.


Mills was speaking on the Football Show in which the main topic - unsurprisingly - was United's hammering at the hands of big rivals Liverpool last weekend.

Following the end of the discussion, the Sky Sports presenter assumed they had gone to a break and thanked his guests for their stellar coverage before Mills interrupted and was heard saying: "Basically, United are s**t."


There was a moment of silence before the two fellow presenters burst out laughing and Mills, who clearly knew there was no going back on what he said, followed it up by saying: "But they are!"

He'd clearly been lost in the moment and seemed to be looking down at his phone, completely oblivious to the fact the cameras were still rolling.

It seems as if most people are in agreement with Mills as well with one Twitter user saying: "Absolutely spot on though  Manchester United are s**t #OleOut"


Meanwhile former Crystal Palace owner and fellow pundit on talkSPORT, Simon Jordan tongue-in-cheekly said it was nice to see impartial views heard on the channel.

He said: "Never seen such an informed or honest view on #skysportsnews. Always a first for something."


Judging by recent displays from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who actually disagrees with the former Leeds United defender, they probably just don't use expletives live on air.

Live TV at its' finest.

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