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03rd Jul 2018

Colombian ambassador responds to The Sun’s front page

Jack O'Toole

Colombian ambassador Néstor Osorio Londono has said that the Sun’s reference to Colombia’s dark history with the drug trade was sad.

The British tabloid newspaper put a picture of England captain Harry Kane on their front page ahead of Tuesday’s round of 16 tie with Colombia and accompanied the image with the tag “As 3 Lions face nation that gave world Shakira, great coffee and er, other stuff, we say … GO KANE!”

Londono said that it was that The Sun decided to target Colombia with reference to a completely unrelated issue and that more of an emphasis should have been played on ‘respect, fair play and joy for the game’ ahead of tonight’s eliminatoor.

“It’s rather sad that they use such a festive and friendly environment as the World Cup to target a country and continue to stigmatise it with a completely unrelated issue,” the ambassador told the Guardian.

“Respect, fair play and joy for the game is all that matters tonight. We’ll be cheering for Colombia and hoping we can all enjoy a great match.”

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