Reaction to Chris Sutton's Martin O'Neill tweet is bang on 7 months ago

Reaction to Chris Sutton's Martin O'Neill tweet is bang on

Unrealistic expectations.

That's what's been levelled at the Irish fans in the wake of Martin O'Neill's tenure as national manager coming to an end.

It's been said that the supporters on Lansdowne Road, those at home and those who spare themselves the 90 minutes are deluded for thinking they could have better than what they've seen. O'Neill qualified for the Euros, provided a historic night in Lille and almost got the country to the World Cup.

James McClean listed out his achievements but thinking it was time for change isn't taking anything away from those and, actually, far from unrealistic expectations, very few people believe that Ireland possess a squad full of world-beaters. No-one's expecting to do any better in the Euros and no-one is demanding World Cup qualification either. But surely, surely they're allowed to expect a little better than what they've seen.

Better isn't a leap to suddenly winning trophies and beating all around but it's just... better.

Like playing one of the good and experienced central midfielders who are left out in the cold instead of Cyrus Christie at central midfield.

Better is seeing anyone less than 50 yards away from the striker at any stage.

Better is direction and an efficient use of the resources we do have - both of which seemed to be severely lacking.

Better would be a plan to get the ball back instead of piling everyone behind it and better would be a better plan to score than whatever it was throughout 2018.

Still, O'Neill has his fans and Chris Sutton, one of his former players, suggests that he did the best with a bad bunch.

It's not dissimilar to what the Derry man would've said himself when he alluded to the team missing some technical qualities but never being short of spirit.

But, again, it really comes down to the question of whether or not there could be better than what there was. And, for a lot of people, there must be better than overlooking the ability, seeing no coherent style of play and all those results in the last year and a half.

No-one's saying that Ireland are a top 10 team but could they not have improved with a different style of play?

The less said about the assistant manager...

And so on...

Some people saved themselves the energy, rather than arguing with Sutton's basic point that actually misses the real point.

Perhaps if he was backed in the transfer market, things would've changed.