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09th May 2016

Brazil legend Rivaldo issues scary warning to sports fans hoping to attend the Olympics


Kevin McGillicuddy

The Olympics games are just 88 days away.

The event in Brazil is set to be one of the biggest on record, as thousands of athletes from across the globe arrive in Rio for the celebration of sport.

The Irish team for the action is almost complete, and while it may be the other side of the world, there is expected to be a decent sized travelling support for various teams.

There has been much concern over some of the facilities at the games, especially surrounding the zika virus and the water quality in the bay area that will be used for rowing and sailing.

However, one of the country’s most famous sons has issued a stern warning to Olympics fans urging them not to even travel to the South American country this summer.

Barcelona icon, and 2002 World-Cup winner, Rivaldo took to his Instagram just days after a 17 year old was shot in the city to issue a stark warning to sports fans hoping to enjoy some of the action this August.

Ana Beatriz Pereira Frade was shot in what is understood to have been a botched robbery attempt as she was travelling with her family on the main road connecting the city’s international airport with most of the Olympic venues on Saturday.

Rivaldo, posting on social media, claimed that fans could be seriously hurt or killed if they travel to Brazil this summer.

“I urge all of you who are planning on visiting Brazil or coming for the Olympic Games this summer to stay in your countries. You are putting your life at risk here.’

“This morning in Rio bandits killed this girl aged 17. Things are getting worse all the time in Brazil. Only God can change the situation in Brazil.”

The Olympics begin on August 5th and will end on August 21st, to be followed by the Paralympics in early September.

Last year there were over 1,200 murders reported in Rio alone.

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