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12th Nov 2014

Video: Irish boxer Gary Spike O’Sullivan gives perfect response to staredown shove

The mafia call this the kiss of death

Ben Kiely

This is certainly a contender for staredown of the year.

In the testorne-filled sport of boxing, tempers flaring at the pre-fight staredown has become the norm. It is not unusual for fighters to get all up in each other’s grill, push each other or even come to blows during this combat sports tradition.

There is always a dilemma when your opponent acts aggressively during the staredown. If they strike you, do you just take it and give them the satisfaction of getting away with it or do you fight fire with fire and give them a dig back? The first option might give your opponent the psychological edge. The second, is likely to result in heavy repercussions.

Irish middleweight Gary Spike O’Sullivan found a third option when he was shoved during his staredown with Anthony FitzGerald today. It’s fair to say, he came out the victor in this exchange. Check out his incredibly innovative reaction below.

Hat-tip to Andy Kenny