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25th Aug 2017

The tickets for McGregor vs. Mayweather are way cooler than you could possibly imagine

No expense spared

Darragh Culhane


Just let it be Saturday 5 am already.

Whether you’re sick or the build up between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather or not one thing is for sure, you’ll want to know what happens.

Every boxing expert has said that McGregor has next to no chance, there’s no disputing that the odds certainly aren’t in his favour and with good reason.

In case you needed reminding it is someone on their pro debut fighting one of the greatest fighters of all time.

The entire bout has been centred around money, it is literally Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s middle name and Conor McGregor has made it no secret that he loves his materialistic items, his Instagram followers will have lost count how many times they’ve seen his green Lamborghini recently.

The fight is expected to break just about every record in terms of money, gate, pay per view buys, merchandise etc. and over in Las Vegas the two men are sprayed across every billboard.

The biggest fight in combats sports history as it is being branded is certainly leaving no expense spared for the people that are shelling out thousands upon thousands to go and watch the fight, the tickets ae very cool.

Renowned MMA journalist Chamaktar Sandhu got his hands on the golden ticket whilst reporting in Sin City and it is something to behold in honesty.

Because one graphic simply isn’t enough the ticket brands two that change as you spin the ticket as if to make the fight even more gimmicky and more of a show, not that we’re complaining.

The fight is set to kick off in the early hours of Saturday morning and will be broadcast this side of the Atlantic on Sky Sports Box Office at a price of €24.95.

You can also watch our SportsJOE Live McGregor vs. Mayweather special below where Colm Parkinson hosted Ais Daly and Kellie Harrington.