The gate records from Mayweather v Pacquiao are absolutely staggering 7 years ago

The gate records from Mayweather v Pacquiao are absolutely staggering

$72,198,500. Yep, you read that correctly.

That's how much was generated from ticket sales alone for the Mayweather v Pacquiao fight last weekend, more than three and a half times the previous record turnover from the gate in Nevada's history.


ESPN's Dan Rafael has been tweeting about some of the gate records from the fight, and they make for pretty fascinating reading.

The previous record, which stands at $20m generated from Mayweather's majority decision victory over Saul Alvarez in 2013, actually only sold 73 less tickets than last week's superfight, but with average prices for a seat in the MGM Grand coming in at nearly $4,500, the money brought in absolutely dwarfs it.


Incredibly, the three highest gates of all time featured Mayweather, as do five of the top six, meaning he's rich. Very rich, in fact.

Rafael also revealed that more than 1,200 of the tickets sold for last week's fight cost more than $10,000 with a further 1,600 coming in at $7,500.

Nine tickets went unsold, while 45 people were lucky enough to get comps to the richest fight in history. Can't beat a freebie.

And remember, this is all just money generated from the gate on the night. It's believed at least 3,000,000 PPV sales were made, again shattering the previous record.


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