Fans brand Paul vs Woodley fight 'rigged' after footage of 'hand twist' gesture 1 year ago

Fans brand Paul vs Woodley fight 'rigged' after footage of 'hand twist' gesture

Look closely

Fight fans are labelling Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II rigged after the influencer turned boxer suddenly ended the fight with a knockout from nowhere.


Paul, 24, sent Woodley to the canvas in round six of the fight in what, at first glance, looked like fine fashion. However, it didn't take long for social media to pick up on what could very well have been a blatant signal for Woodley to throw the fight. Watch:

As this user quickly breaks downs the clip above, you clearly see a distinct hand movement from Paul that doesn't particularly look like he is readying his fists for a punch; it looks more like cocking his wrists very clearly for the benefit of his opponent.

Although slowing it down is always helpful and many have been quick to agree that Paul gives a clear signal to the former UFC welterweight champion, others have suggested looking so close in isolation means people are overanalysing, a la VAR.

New angle shared of brutal Tyron Woodley KO


A new angle of Jake Paul's KO blow against Tyron Woodley is doing the round online and it's blockbuster stuff, we can't lie.

In the clip secured by Showtime Boxing, the person behind the camera is essentially level with canvas as Woodley slaps against it.


If you look close enough at the clip - around four seconds in - you may even be able to make out the controversial gesture. Jake Paul's KO may look Hollywood but perhaps there's a reason for that?

The debate on social media is delightful and some people are even comparing the punch to Tony Bellew's on Michael B. Jordan in this behind the scenes footage from Creed:


The discussion around the authenticity of the fight will no doubt rage on until Paul's next fight is named; the 24-year-old says he wants to go down as a "legend", but regardless of his current reputation within the discipline and amongst fight fans, the influencer advent and his boxing brand have undoubtedly brought even more new eyes to the sport.

While many boxing fans feel understandably aggrieved - swindled by what they say as yet another fixed fight involving a Paul - others have at least seen the funny side of this somewhat expected outcome: two men who are not native to the discipline landing yet another huge payday.

Regardless, Paul's camp will obviously deny these allegations as will Woodley's; regardless of the MMA pro losing to the social media star twice, the fee across these two fights will have easily eclipsed the money he's earned in the UFC - especially if there was indeed a ducking bonus included.

Nevertheless, the younger Paul brother sent out a clear message to his doubters following his victory, though he's still yet to come up against a genuine boxer.

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