Jose Aldo's reaction to Conor McGregor sparring partner controversy was painfully predictable 4 years ago

Jose Aldo's reaction to Conor McGregor sparring partner controversy was painfully predictable

The enemy of Conor McGregor is always going to be Jose Aldo's friend.

It seems that Jose Aldo may never forgive Conor McGregor for failing to keep his rematch promise after that devastating 13 second knockout loss.


For a brief period, it looked like he had gotten over it. Aldo appeared to have bounced back from the laughing stock status he acquired by requesting a contract terminationthreatening legal action and even hinting that he would be willing to intentionally lose fights to see out the end of his contract.

Then, not long after losing his title to Max Holloway at UFC 212, it became obvious that Aldo wasn't as good at letting go of the past as he had pretended to be.


While Aldo's desperately trying to reignite his beef with McGregor, 'The Notorious' is a little preoccupied dealing with another high-profile dispute with former sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi who but quit his camp after accusing Team McGregor of deliberately leaking photos to boost their man and make him look bad.

When asked about McGregor's beef with Malignaggi by FightHype, Aldo was quick off the draw with the low-blows.

“McGregor has no respect for the sport, for the person. That’s it. He’s not good for the sport.”

That was his response when asked to give his take on Malignaggi's exit. We shit you not.


Aldo believes Malignaggi's claim that it was a push, not a punch that caused him to hit the mat in that photo that did the rounds on social media.

“McGregor has a good punch but he cannot say that he’s the biggest puncher. MMA gloves are tiny - four ounces - so when they connect, they drop you.”

'Scarface' added that he feels McGregor's payday from his August 26th bout against Floyd Mayweather will be so staggering, that he will never compete in fighting again. He believes this is the last we'll see of McGregor in boxing or MMA.