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24th Feb 2023

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury shake hands on game changing bet

Tom Todhunter

The stakes just got even higher.

Bitter rivals Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have officially agreed to an all or nothing bet ahead of their fight this weekend.

Paul and Fury are scheduled to meet in their long-awaited eight round bout in Saudi Arabia this Sunday, after two previously scheduled fights had to be cancelled.

The rivals took part in an intense press conference in Riyadh on Thursday evening, which culminated in a fiery coming together and an all-or-nothing wager.

Paul is famous for extending bets to his upcoming opponents and this time was no exception, as he proposed an interesting idea to Fury.

‘The Problem Child’ made an offer which would see Fury walk away with double his agreed purse if he should win, but he would have to surrender his entire purse should Paul come out victorious. 

“I think we make a deal then since you’re so confident,” Paul said. “If you win, I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already. If I win, I take everything I’m paying you. Deal or no deal, since you’re so confident? Deal or no deal? I want to shake on it. I want to shake your hand.”

Fury remained quiet as Paul extended the challenge, but things quickly got heated when Paul stood up from his seat to offer a handshake and seal the deal. 

“Why are you standing up like you want to do something? Sit back down, sit back down,” Fury said. “What are you going to do?” 

Fury’s father and lifelong trainer, John Fury, then quickly jumped in to the discussion and agreed to Paul’s bet on his son’s behalf. “You’ve dealt, you’ve got a deal. All or nothing, deal, you’ve got it. If Jake Paul beats him then Tommy doesn’t deserve paying.”

Paul and Fury then appeared to agree to the bet by shaking hands on stage. Paul indicated how serious he is about the wager by claiming his lawyers have already prepared a contract for the pair to sign, which would make it legally binding.

In the aftermath of the handshake, Fury labelled the Youtuber-turned-boxer a “s***house” and “b**ch,” as Paul appeared to flinch when Fury pretended to throw a punch. The pair had to be separated and Fury told Paul “put your money where your mouth is.”

The stakes were already high for the much anticipated bout, but it’s fair to say things have just moved up a notch.

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